Hello! Welcome to my new website. I am the creator of F1pace and the more well-known F1bythenumbers.

My main idea when creating F1bythenumbers was to post frequently new charts and analyses about the current season of Formula 1. Over time I realized that the project was too ambitious and I found myself lacking the time to post as often as I wanted. The old website was also created using WordPress, and oh boy, that was a mistake. There’s nothing wrong with WordPress for most websites, but it has so many features that it became a chore just to try to fix every single problem that arose. I eventually started to struggle to keep the site up to date and that caused me to lose motivation.

For the 2022 Formula 1 season I thought hard about how to move this project forward. One week before the start of the season I was 90% sure that the best decision was to abandon this project and move on to different things. After the season started I changed my mind. I came up with a way to produce a nice-looking site without all the hassle of trying to handle WordPress. So here we are.

This new website should be easier to manage and it should save me a ton of headaches. It should also give me more flexibility to publish my analyses in less time (famous last words). For you, the user, now you should get a snappier experience, with faster loading times and less clutter. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

I haven’t decided what will happen with F1bythenumbers. Maybe I will migrate all the old content to this new website. We’ll see. What I do know is that for now, it will remain online but it won’t be updated anymore. If you’re interested in reviewing analyses from the 2021, 2020 and 2019 seasons, just go and check F1bythenumbers. For newer information—for now just season 2022—come back to F1pace.

If you want to support me, I would really appreciate it. Just click on the “Buy me a coffee button” or donate directly with paypal and that’ll allow you to donate some money to support me and my project.

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